Arabs in India

A small but recognizable people with Arab origins have over time settled in the India.Many who arrived in Gujarat were later recruited to the army. Most Gujarati Arabs were traders, and business men who sold or traded silk, diamonds and other valuables resulting in wealthy business men. The city of Surat and villages within the city are notorious for Arab settlements. Variav and Randev are the few villages that Arabs started their lives in. In Eastern Uttar Pradesh, Iraqis arrived in 15th and 16th century from Sindh, Pakistan. These people claim ancestry from Arab tribe of Bani Tamim.In Hyderabad, Chaush are Arab community of Hadhrami descent whose ancestors were recruited as soldier by Nizam of Hyderabad. In Kerala, Syed Thangals of Hadhrami descent settled around 17th century as missionaries to propagate Islam. There are also Shia Sayyids in Northern region of country who claim descent from Wasit, Iraq like Zaidis. Sunni Sayyid of the country also claim Arab descent from Sufi missionaries but it is hard to say that every Sufi really belonged to Arab. Most of the Sufis migrated from Persia. Sunni Sayyid also include converts from higher Hindu castes like Brahmin and Kshatriya. Sunni Sheikhs also claim Arab descent from Sufis or migrants but it remains hoax. They don't know their tribe but trace lineage from Umar, Abu Bakr and Uthman, the Rashidun Caliphate. Many of present Sheikhs converted from Hindu castes such as Kayasth and Rajput.

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The strange power of the evil eye

The Times of India 07 Dec 2019
We are all familiar with the trendy talisman – the evil eye. The blue, white and black eye-catching eye has been a lucky charm for many years. But its hidden fashion potential is just being unleashed now. Two years ago, model Gigi Hadid — who has Arab roots — launched her shoe collaboration with Stuart Weitzman called “EyeLove” with this motif ... ....

Innovation: Nazareth – a holy city and a hi-tech haven

The Jerusalem Post 06 Dec 2019
Barriers to greater integration in Israeli hi-tech have typically included the concentration of the Arab population in Israel’s periphery, far from the hi-tech hubs of central Israel; lack of hands-on professional experience often gained during mandatory military service; and the lack of entrepreneurial role models within Arab society....

Sex trafficking in UAE

Press TV 05 Dec 2019
The United Arab Emirates is busy touting itself as a model of human and social development, and in the process deceiving the international community, even the ......

We got students to model NATO’s reaction to an earthquake in the Mediterranean – here's ...

The Conversation 05 Dec 2019
A new model NATO ... Having been involved in Model NATO events for over a decade, I can think of no better educational tool than simulations and role play for motivating and enthusing students ... Model UN is perhaps the best known example – but the European Union, the Arab League and the African Union are also frequently role-played....

I received US$1.05 bil for CSR projects, funding GE13, says Najib

Malaysia Today 05 Dec 2019
BN won 133 seats out of the 222 parliamentary seats that year ... “He (King Abdullah) did not want to see the Arab Spring effect spread to Malaysia because he held the view that Malaysia can be a role model for other Muslim countries,” he said in his witness statement ... “This is something that previous Umno presidents and BN chairmen had done,” he said ... ....

UAE National Day: Despite the changing face of the country, we have never forgotten our roots

The National 01 Dec 2019
They are role models for us. There is still more to be done but women in the Arab world are making headway when it comes to societal structures and changing the world’s perceptions ... Some of her generation do not speak Arabic....

Virginia Turned Blue, Thanks to Arab Americans

The Palestine Chronicle 29 Nov 2019
For Arab Americans who consist of both Christians and Muslims, the policies of the Trump administration had a significant impact on their political alignment ... The political empowerment of Arab Americans in Virginia is truly a success story that can be a model for Arab American communities in other states....

Meet Ghaliah Amin, Saudi Arabia’s very own curvy model

Arab News 24 Nov 2019
The latest edition of Fashion Forward Dubai featured two curvy Arab models, who both live in Dubai, on the glittering runways ... The model’s intentions are for Arab women to feel more comfortable with all body types that aren’t of the size zero variety and to “understand that their curves are what set them apart from the rest of the world....

Spotlight: In Turkey's "little Syria" hope remains among refugees despite all odds

Xinhua 23 Nov 2019
by Burak Akinci, Wang Feng. GAZIANTEP, Turkey, Nov ... According to official data, 452,000 Syrians live in Gaziantep and constitute an amazing 22 percent of its population, making it a role model of tolerance toward newcomers. "The primary challenge of Syrians is the language barrier. They speak Arabic ... Gaziantep is known for its distinguished cuisine ... ....

Saudi Arabia must plan carefully for ‘super cities,’ says strategist

Arab News 22 Nov 2019
He held up Dubai as an example of a city that was making major progress in the drive to ”smart status,” adding “for the first time in a long time, other Arab cities are looking at another Arab city as a model of the kind of city they would like to live in, rather than a city outside the Arab world.”....

World watching Porsche's arrival into Formula E in Saudi Arabia, says Mark Webber

Arab News 22 Nov 2019
Speaking to Arab News, the ... Webber spoke to Arab News after driving the new Porsche Taycan, the firm’s newest all-electric model, with Saudi driver Aseel Al-Hamad from Dubai to Riyadh ahead of the city's Diriyah E-Prix this weekend ... The model goes on sale in the Middle East in 2020....

The Collapse of Civilisation May Have Already Begun

Vice 22 Nov 2019
Note that the science I summarise is about what is happening right now, rather than models or theories of complex adaptive systems which the reviewer would have preferred.” ... One particular model, the Dawe Global Security Model, was focused on the risk of another global food crisis, similar to what triggered the Arab Spring....

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