Arabs in India

A small but recognizable people with Arab origins have over time settled in the India.Many who arrived in Gujarat were later recruited to the army. Most Gujarati Arabs were traders, and business men who sold or traded silk, diamonds and other valuables resulting in wealthy business men. The city of Surat and villages within the city are notorious for Arab settlements. Variav and Randev are the few villages that Arabs started their lives in. In Eastern Uttar Pradesh, Iraqis arrived in 15th and 16th century from Sindh, Pakistan. These people claim ancestry from Arab tribe of Bani Tamim.In Hyderabad, Chaush are Arab community of Hadhrami descent whose ancestors were recruited as soldier by Nizam of Hyderabad. In Kerala, Syed Thangals of Hadhrami descent settled around 17th century as missionaries to propagate Islam. There are also Shia Sayyids in Northern region of country who claim descent from Wasit, Iraq like Zaidis. Sunni Sayyid of the country also claim Arab descent from Sufi missionaries but it is hard to say that every Sufi really belonged to Arab. Most of the Sufis migrated from Persia. Sunni Sayyid also include converts from higher Hindu castes like Brahmin and Kshatriya. Sunni Sheikhs also claim Arab descent from Sufis or migrants but it remains hoax. They don't know their tribe but trace lineage from Umar, Abu Bakr and Uthman, the Rashidun Caliphate. Many of present Sheikhs converted from Hindu castes such as Kayasth and Rajput.

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Emirati athletes hope more Arab women competing in sports hijabs will break barriers

The National 05 Aug 2021
Emirati Shahad Budebs hopes seeing more women in full body or hijab sports gear will encourage other Arab athletes to compete in the gruelling CrossFit games ... Athletes said it was crucial for the young to have Arab female sports role models growing up....

Mubadala-backed Tabby raises $50m to value the start-up at $300m

The National 04 Aug 2021
“With global players consolidating the Mena BNPL space, we at Tabby are proud to continue building a local business and work with investors who understand its value,” Hosam Arab, chief executive and co-founder, said. The buy now, pay later business model, which allows consumers to ......

SHEIN launches exclusive summer 2021 collection in collaboration with Bahraini celebrity Almahra in the Middle East

Gulf News 04 Aug 2021
Highlight ... The global leading online fashion retailer SHEIN is pleased to announce the launch of their new exclusive summer 2021 collection SHEIN X ALMAHRA Inspiration Collection. Almahra is a Bahraini actress who won the title of Most Beautiful Model in 2013 while beginning her artistic career and also the title Ambassador of Arab Dress in 2014 ... ....

How Arab connection to World Expos has evolved over time

Arab News 03 Aug 2021
But the chronicle of such events, and the Arab world’s participation in them, tell a very different story ... Journalists visit the Sustainability Pavilion during a media tour at the Dubai Expo 2020, a week ahead of its public opening, in the United Arab Emirates, on January 16, 2021....

Swatch unveils 3rd Expo 2020 countdown clock in Dubai

Gulf Daily News 03 Aug 2021
The new models include HEKMAH (meaning “wisdom” in English), featuring a bio-sourced case, matte black strap with a calligraphic structure and a dial in Arabic font; AL-WASL (which translates to “connection” in English), whose face features the golden Expo ......

How Jewish delis got that way • Kosher food pantry promotes vaccinations • Brooklyn QB ...

Cleveland Jewish News 03 Aug 2021
Good morning, New York ... So be warned. The results of today’s game are below, if you need to avert your eyes ... About Roger Cohen’s long piece in The Times about relations between Israel’s Jewish and Arab citizens. “Towns portrayed as models of peaceful coexistence fester with resentments born of double standards,” writes Cohen ... --....

In Kerala’s Kozhikode, company museum pays rich tribute to the dhow

Indian Express 02 Aug 2021
We keep different miniature models of dhows – Boombs, sambouks, machchua, these are all Arabic and Persian names along with our old documents in Arabic, Malayalam, as well as equipment connected with dhow ... The revamped museum is expected to be modelled after the original Haji PI Ahamed Koya office “Pandikasala” built-in 1885 ... Tags ... Live Blog ... ....

Nuclear phase-out policy should be retracted

Korea Times 02 Aug 2021
By Park Jin. Korea possesses a highly developed nuclear industry with 24 nuclear reactors and four more under construction ... Korea has already been constructing four nuclear reactors, the Korean Advanced Power Reactor (APR) 1400 model, in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) since 2012, the first of which started commercial operation in April this year ... ....

Tunisian journalist files court case to challenge power grab

The New Arab 01 Aug 2021
A prominent Tunisian journalist has taken to the court to challenge a set of controversial political decisions by President Kais Saied, which have raised the spectre of a coup in a country hailed a model of successful democratic transition in the Arab world since its revolution in 2011....

Egyptian Publishers Association to organize training project ‘Cairo: Hope Begins’

Egypt Today 29 Jul 2021
The training project includes a session entitled "New Business Models", in partnership with the Frankfurt Book Fair, the Goethe-Institut in Cairo, and the Arab Voices project, on July 29, ......

HUSSEIN IBISH: Tunisia’s litmus test for Arab politics

Business Day 28 Jul 2021
This is a battle that has played out repeatedly across the Arab world ... But in Tunisia, Ennahda seemed to be pointing towards a third way, a model for post-Islamist Arab politics ... And even if Ennahda’s transformation is incomplete or insufficient, it does offer a model for incorporating religious conservatives into constitutional Arab democracies....

Archives of beauty and pain: A century of African women in photos

Al Jazeera 28 Jul 2021
My model is the Arab Image Foundation [in Lebanon], which actually has interesting holdings of Senegalese and other African photos, from mostly Lebanese-owned West African studios.”....

Meet the firm boosting Arabs in Israel's hi-tech field - opinion

The Jerusalem Post 26 Jul 2021
Takwin is determined to enhance the role and influence of Arab citizens in the continually expanding hi-tech field ... Successful companies founded and led by Israeli Arabs can serve as models, encouraging younger Arabs to pursue higher education studies in engineering and sciences, fields that traditionally have not been of interest....